It all started when...

While spring cleaning, Owner of Porterie Boutique, Myosha Porterie and her boyfriend/business partner, came up with the Porterie Prom idea after they stumbled across a prom dress Myosha had her senior year in high school. They then decided, it would be great to start a Prom Dress drive where less fortunate girls who want to enjoy their first and only prom and aren't financially able to, can do so by just the click of a button.  Also, women who have already attended prom can donate their new or gently used dresses to Porterie.



I need a dress

This form is for  high school students in the Greater Houston Area only. Porterie is now accepting requests for Prom 2017. Please complete the form and a Porterie representative will email you back within 24 hours. 


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Do you live in Houston, Texas? Submit this form ONLY if you live in Houston! If you live outside of Houston, send us an email at info@shopporterie.com to get further submittal details.


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When is the Event?
I agree to provide proof that I am a current high school student via email at info@shopporterie.com. I will either bring a copy of my current school photo ID, or a copy of my current school schedule and a photo ID.